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Joel Michael Singer is a man from Florida who made it to the news when he got into a fight with two men in a restaurant, YOLO in the Fort Lauderdale area. Police were called on the scene and the matter was resolved by them. A video of the fight went viral where Joel is seen headbutting a man during the argument.


Joel Michael Singer was born in 1989 (Age 31 years; as in 2020) in Florida, United States. He was born in an affluent family in Florida and finished his education from there. The video of the incident took place in 2019, and since then it has been floating around on the internet. However, every time the video would pop up, it gets copyright claims over it and is taken down.

Physical Appearance

Eyes Color: Black

Hair Color: Brown

Family & Ethnicity

Joel Michael Singer belongs to a white American family.


In July 2019, Joel Michael Singer was out for dinner in a restaurant called YOLO in the Fort Lauderdale area when Singer got into an argument with one of the servers of the restaurant. In a video clip recorded, Joel was seen arguing with the waiter and the manager of the restaurant when he suddenly headbutted the waiter. Soon after this, he was pushed by the manager and a fellow customer, Steven Heflin tackled him and pinned him down the ground. The whole incident was recorded as a video by other customers and police came in 15 minutes to handle the whole situation.[1]Heavy



  • Joel Michael Singer accepted his presence in the video and bought the copyrights of the video so that it could get removed from all the social media platforms.
  • The man who tackled him down, Steven Heflin, was an ex-marine for the Army National Guard. He told in a report that he tackled him because he realized the situation could get much worse as Joel tried to punch him. Throughout this incident, Steven remained calm and didn’t do anything that would put his or Joel’s life in danger.

    Steven Heflin

    Steven Heflin

  • Once the video surfaced the internet, a website was launched in Joel’s name and people claimed on Twitter that Joel was an employee of financial planners firm, Coastal Wealth. However, his profile was not visible on the official website and the company didn’t come forward to accept or deny the statement.


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